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Kinch Quality was founded in 2014 by Sam Kinch, a Quality Manager and Trainer with ten years’ experience at every link in the product lifecycle.


Having worked for manufacturers and retailers of home furnishings, apparel, and sporting goods, Sam knew from experience how divisive the implementation of Quality Standards can be.  While ISO 9001 and other methods of Quality Control are intended to help establish common ground, all too often she saw their implementation forcing businesses apart – particularly straining relationships between smaller suppliers and large, corporate clients.


Working with various test labs and factories in different regions, Sam had also witnessed the full spectrum of Quality Management approaches: from constant fire-fighting to strict auditing and control, and everything in between.


Kinch Quality was established as a way of addressing the gulf between market expectations and the ability of smaller businesses to meet them.  Small-to-medium producers and importers often lack the experience and expertise in-house to meaningfully improve quality in a holistic way – despite the best intentions.  As a result, the future of their business is threatened by what is, at worst, a manageable challenge or, at best, a genuine opportunity.


Building on her experience with the owners of both SME producers and corporate retailers, Sam advocated a collaborative approach.  She worked with suppliers to encourage a proactive stance – moving their mindset from responding to a problem to actively improving their Quality Management processes.  And eventually to standing by their products and their culture with real confidence.


Extensive experience.

Sam’s belief was that no business, whatever their size, should have to sacrifice what makes them unique in the interests of making or selling better products.  And while she stands firmly by the letter and law of international standards, Sam’s balance of professionalism and personability have allowed our clients to make Quality work for them.


Today, working from our home in London, Sam remains our Lead Auditor, QC Consultant, and licensed Mind Mapping trainer.  Her principles have become our guiding lights and inform our services – from due diligence to document control.


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