ISO 9001

A four-part introduction to the most widely-used Quality Management system, and our approach to helping clients make the most of it.

The international standard

Based in Geneva, the International Organization for Standardization is a universally-recognised body, and its adaptable standards (more than 19,000 of them) have been adopted by millions of businesses of all sizes – including many similar to yours in shape and scope.


The ISO refers to its work as creating “world-class specifications for products, services and systems,” but we prefer their snappier description: “international standards make things work”.


ISO 9001 (now in its 2015 revision; the previous version being agreed in 2008) is both a proven method of promoting Quality Management throughout an entire business, and a comprehensive suite of tools that – through a little joint introspection and implementation on our part – can make a tremendous difference to your attitude and market performance.


Have it your way

While it may feel as though ISO 9001 is just another regulatory hoop your business must jump through in order to retain its customers, it’s important to remember that, in this case, what works for your clients can work for you, too.


In fact, the clarity and brevity of the clauses contained in ISO 9001 make it both straightforward and, with our help, adaptable to your style of working.  The standard emphasises documentation and evidence rather than lengthy written submissions, so provided you can demonstrate that you meet the requirements – in your own way – you will receive approval and will be able to advertise your adherence to the standard.


Change for the better

While many businesses – likely including some of your competitors – will use their ISO accreditation solely as a selling too, this is just one of several benefits that we aim to help clients achieve, including:


  • Improvement of overall business performance.
  • Creation of a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives.
  • Confidence to consistently provide services that meet customer expectations.
  • Facilitation of opportunities to go further, and to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Addressing risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives.
  • The chance to demonstrate and advertise conformity to specified Quality Management System requirements.
  • A mark of distinction amongst your competitors; clients will recognise that their suppliers are proactive about the quality of their service/product.

The cutting edge

Seven years in the making, ISO 9001 has recently undergone a significant revision.  In addition to the previous standard, established in 2008, the 2015 version places increased emphasis on senior management’s role in Quality Management, and provides a stronger framework for addressing operational risk.


As the International Standards Organization puts it: “today’s wider society has a stronger voice than ever before. ISO 9001 needs to reflect these changes in order to remain relevant”.


Despite the minor change in name, ISO 9001:2015 has been completely restructured.  And for businesses that have already achieved accreditation under the 2008 version, the mandatory transition can feel like a significant change.  Click the button below to discover how our auditing and training services have helped businesses like yours to stay current, compliant, and enabled them to take advantage of cutting-edge opportunities.


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