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Just as Quality Management prompts businesses to re-examine their cultures and processes, Mind Mapping encourages teams and individuals to evaluate the way they think, and to better acquaint themselves with the cognitive skills that create their models for behaviour.


The purpose and potential of Mind Mapping are quite often misunderstood, or misrepresented as being analogous to brainstorming.


In reality, Mind Mapping is a potent tool designed to educate people about the architecture of thought, and re-acquaint them with the associative nature of our brains.


Properly taught, Mind Mapping provides what inventor Tony Buzan calls a “simple, effective and enjoyable way of accessing, processing and expressing the information you take in”.


And contrary to some people’s expectations, Mind Mapping it not just freehand drawing; it operates according to clear laws and structures, and its benefits are equally clearly-defined.


At its most basic level, a Mind Map is a diagram used to visually organise information; at its peak, it can transform the way we, as individuals and in teams, approach memorisation, problem solving, conceptualisation, and how we develop and improve managerial and leadership skills.


Immediately compelling as an innovative, efficient alternative to linear note-taking, Mind Mapping is also an empowering method of unlocking creativity and increasing clarity of thought.


Mind Mapping is already in use by more than 450 million people, and comes recommended by an imposing list of businesswomen and men around the world.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to read just a small selection of these, or read on to hear from its inventor, Tony Buzan, or to discover more about our fully-accredited Mind Mapping courses.


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Unlike other Mind Mapping courses, our trainer studied with the inventor of the concept, and Kinch Quality is fully licensed to deliver on-site training courses to teams and individuals.


Delivered in an entertaining, engaging way, our courses introduce the central concept of Mind Mapping – individual ideas radiating from a single focus – before going on to demonstrate, through clear examples and participation, how Mind Mapping can improve clarity of thought, concentration, and creativity from the simple building blocks of single words and lines.


Our four courses are tailored for different audiences, and support growth from the essentials to examples of how people and businesses can improve their presenting skills, project planning, time management, strategic thinking and more.


For clients looking to go beyond training, we also offer direct consultation for anyone who has completed all four levels of our courses, teaching them how to maximise the value of mind mapping in their personal and professional lives.

Radiant Thinking

Level 1 - Designed to teach and inspire audiences to create Mind Maps and practice radiant thinking with creativity and association learning techniques. Course length 1 Day.

Mind Mapping for Business

Level 2 - Applying the laws of mind mapping in business, creativity exploration and Mind Mapping in practice. Course length 1 Day.

Mind Mapping for Business Plus

Level 3 - Applying the laws of mind mapping in business, tailored specifically to your business needs, including certification, software discount and training. Course length 1.5 Day.

Mind Mapping Ultimate

Level 4 - Applying the laws of mind mapping in the business, Core Business Skills, Mind Mapping walkthroughs, certification, software discount and training. Course length 2 Days.

“Mind Mapping is contagious because it works.”

Masanori Kanda, leading Japanese entrepreneur and marketer.

“Mind Mapping is an integral part of [our] Quality Improvement Project at Boeing.  This has provided savings of over $10 million for my organisation.”

Mike Stanley, Boeing Corporation, USA.

“[Mind Mapping] shows corporate executives how to hotwire their creative energies.”

Forbes Magazine.


Arrange a bespoke, fully-licensed Mind Mapping course for a team or an individual.